"Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy a hell of alot of fabric"

"Quilts are like hugs from the ones you love"

"Quilting is cheap therapy"

"A quilted bouquet of vivid shades, colored with love
that never fades"

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Underground Railroad


This quilt pattern is UNDERGROUND RAILROAD. I made this quilt in a class setting over several months. Each block symbolizes a step taken by slaves fleeing to the north and freedom.

French Braid


FRENCH BRAID pattern quilt. I made this quilt in a class I attended. The best part of making this quilt was the fabric selection. Choosing fabrics that graduated in color was fun. Each student's quilt was very unique. The fabric is pieced on the bias, making it a challenging project.

Don's T-shirt Quilt


This quilt is made from T-shirts commemorating Bike Rides.
It's rainbow colors are bright to match accent colors in shirts.

Emily's Girl Quilt


This quilt was made with a modern floral print with JUMBO rick rac trim and embroidered flowers. The pattern is called FANTASTIC - O! (this photo is not of Emily's quilt - but close)

Megan's Red Quilt


This black and red quilt is made from oriental fabrics including koi fish. A red and cream poppy print with black background was used as backing. The pattern is called I'VE BEEN FRAMED.

Joel's Transportation Quilt


Planes, Trains and Trucks. The pattern is called BOY TOYS QUILT Giant 9 Patch quilt with colorful graphic fabric of retro toys.

Simeon's Baseball Quilt


Shadow boxes featuring "fussy cut" blocks of baseball scenes.
The pattern is called GOT NOVELTIES?
The border is baseball printed fabric with bat printed fabric binding.

Gram's Comfort Quilt


Unending Prayer Ribbons from a Prayer Shawl Pattern book.
My first project using a jelly roll (precut) fabric.
Pastel colors. Using embroidery words of comfort and encouragement.

Roger's Golf Quilt


A golf themed quilt for my brother-in-law.

Patty's Southwest Quilt


Fabric charm squares and yardage called Native Sun.
For my sister living in Arizona. This was my first use of embroidery patterns from my sewing machine.

Bill's Tool Time Quilt


For my brother-in-law. Fabric with tool themes. He's "handy". Pattern is called ALL ABOUT ME.
This quilt was made to congratulate him on an award he received.

Marilyn's Retirement Quilt


Time to Retire Quilt for my sister. Using the TWISTER SISTER Block.

Fabrics include clocks/time, states for travel, flowers, bugs, birds, fruit, money, coffee, hot air balloons and washing dishes. Things she should enjoy during retirement - including taking naps under this quilt!

Jenny's Quilt

I made this quilt for Jenny.

Andrew's NY CITY Quilt

May 2007 -

New York City themed fabric. The back is strips of black and white modern prints. This quilt is tied. I like including photo labels to personalize.

Quilt for my MOM


The pattern is Gentle Breezes. The back is a bird panel with a block border. This fabric was the inspriation to make this for my Mom. It features Sunflowers for Kansas, butterflies and chickadees.

Ann's Quilt 2007

"Around the World" pattern. Purple, Teal and Blue. Border is eyelet fabric. The photo label is bordered in chenile.

Girl Scout Patch Quilt

This quilt was COMPLETED! in 1999.

It is a 9 patch pattern. It is made from Girl Scout Uniform fabric during the time that I was my daughter's GS Leader. The sewn on patches are from the 319 national GS council patches (at that time)

My 2nd Quilt

This is the second quilt I made back in the late 1980's.
It too was never finished. It is a log cabin pattern. I tryed to hand quilt it, but lost interest.